A job alert bot
designed for freelancers.

Apply the first on Upwork
and gain more chances to win the job

Being prompt in your applications on freelance websites not only enhances your visibility but also demonstrates qualities that clients often seek in freelancers, thereby increasing your chances of job success.

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Beeing the first
on Upwork means:

Have more chances to be hired!

  • First Impression Advantage
  • Less Competition
  • Opportunity for Early Dialogue
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How it works?

  • Go to the Upwork search page you want to monitor.
  • Click on the RSS button.
  • Add the URL from the browser to the bot using the /add command.

Pricing Plan

Try monitoring bot for free!

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Frequently ask Question

Want to ask something from us?

The delay of the bot is 60 seconds. It means that you will receive a notification about a new job within 60 seconds after it was posted on Upwork.

Use the @indigo_feed_bot to contact with Customer Service. You can ask any question about the bot and get a quick response.

Check if your feed is not paused. To do so use /list command and check if your feed is paused.

If you don't have a three dots button in your feed, you need to create a new search and add it to Upwork.
To do it use Save search button on Upwork search page.

To pause your feed use /list command. You will see the menu with all your feeds. Click on the feed you want to pause. Then click on the Pause button.